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Payments may be made on students and staff lunch accounts online through MyPaymentsPlus. 
Click here to access MyPaymentsPlus.

 Look for the app on the app store

If you prefer to make payments or check balances via phone, a toll-free number has been created for our district: (866-682-9288).

                            Meal Prices 2014-2015                                                 
Elementary Lunch $1.80
Middle & High Lunch $2.05
Student Breakfast $.75
Reduced Price Breakfast $.30
Reduced Price Lunch $.40
Staff and Visitor's Lunch $3.00
Staff and Visitor's Breakfast $1.50


The Murray County School District is always looking for ways to be more efficient in our fiscal policies. While it may seem like a minor issue to some, receipt of non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks is a time consuming and costly issue. As with any business, the Murray County School District has an obligation to our clients, the community and taxpayers to be fiscally accountable. Processing NSF checks can take valuable time from the school district personnel. To manage this process, our district uses Envision Payment Solutions to protect the interest of all our school system community against the time consuming and costly recovery of non-suffuciently funded checks. Envision Payment Solutions utilizes federal and state laws allowing the electronic recovery process of NSF checks, which results in a high rate of recovery at no cost to the school district. The cost becomes the responsibility of those who wrote non-sufficiently funded checks with the electronic recovery of the face amount of the check and the electronic recovery of the state fee from the bad check writer's bank account. Utilizing the check recovery service is an effort by the school district to be fiscally accountable in a more efficient and cost effective manner.



Mission Statement:
The School Nutrition Program began in 1946 with the Richard B Russell School Lunch Act, named for Georgia's own senator who was a proponent of child nutrition. The goal of the program is to support the education of children by providing high quality, nutritious meals to all students in the school. The School Nutrition Program is governed by federal and state regulations, as well as policies that the local school board deems necessary. The school lunch assures that the child is receiving a nutritionally balanced meal. Students learn good nutrition habits that provide a basis for better health throughout their lives. School lunches contain a variety of foods and offer students exposure to new and exciting choices.

Building healthy children, ready to learn. 

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer

Last updated August 20, 2014