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Student Meals will be served at no charge for school year 2021-2022

USDA has extended the Summer Feeding Waiver allowing all Murray County Students to receive free meals now through May 2022!

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Our Food Safety Commitment

Murray County School Nutrition takes your child's food safety very seriously.  To that end we have implemented several procedures that comply with recommended best practices:

  •     All managers and assistant managers are required to be certified in an approved food safety program.  Our leadership staff, and most of our food assistants, are Serv Safe® certified through the National Restaurant Association.
  •     Our staff receives annual training in safety topics such as proper handwashing and proper glove use.  We do not allow bare-hand contact of any food in our operation, as required in the 2010 Food Code.
  •     Our food service operation follows a HACCP plan which identifies safety risks throughout our facilities and outlines procedures our employees take to eliminate these risks.
  •     One of these procedures from our HACCP plan is to take temperatures of our food, refrigeration units and heating units.  These are logged for future reference.  All food is cooked and served according to the temperatures outlined in the 2010 Food Code.
  •     Another of these procedures is to properly clean and sanitize all equipment and surfaces in our kitchens. Cross-contamination in a kitchen can be a major source of food-borne illness and we reduce that risk by washing, rinsing and sanitizing our equipment before and after each use.
  •     All of our kitchen facilities are inspected regularly by our local health department.  Our kitchens routinely receive perfect scores of 100 on our inspections.  All scores are posted in the individual kitchens and are reported to the state.
  •     We actively seek out food recalls and monitor our products to ensure they are the most wholesome ones available.  If there were to be a recall on anything we purchase, we would pull that product immediately and follow the instructions for disposing of that product.

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