Free and Reduced Lunch Online Application

Parents of ALL students attending Murray County Schools are encouraged to complete a free and reduced lunch application this year!

free and reduced lunch application


What is happening?

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) waiver that provided free meals to students due to the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.  This means that school meals will no longer automatically be free for everyone. Parents and guardians MUST submit a meal application to qualify for free school meals at Murray County Schools during the 2022-23 school year. 

What if I know I don't qualify? Do I still need to complete an application? 

Even if you don't qualify, free and reduced applications help provide federal funding for many other school programs and resources. We need everyone to complete these applications!

Myths & Facts

MYTH: School districts could pay for all school lunches, but they're just choosing not to pay for them
FACT: School districts can't use taxpayer funding to pay for school lunches. School nutrition funding is provided by the sale of school meals and federal funds.
MYTH: Murray County Schools has paid for school lunches for two years, and decided to stop for no reason.
FACT: The federal government provided a waiver that allowed all students to eat for free during the COVID-19 pandemic, and decided not to renew that waiver for this school year
MYTH: If you don't qualify for free and reduced lunch, completing the application is a waste of time. 
FACT: Free and reduced lunch applications impact federal funding for a lot of important programs including family engagement activities, additional staff members, tutoring programs, SAT/ACT exam fees and more.