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Hay Cutting Bid

The Murray County School System is requesting bids for hay cutting on the Murray County Schools property located at Mt. Carmel Church Road adjacent to North Murray High School.


Bids must be in a price per bale in addition to the size of the bale, i.e. 4ft. x 6ft. etc.


The term of the agreement will begin January 2020 and run through December 2022.  The Murray County School System reserves the right to cancel the agreement any time during the term by giving sixty days’ notice.


Sealed bids are to be delivered to Mike Pritchett at the Murray County Schools Central Office located at 1006 Green Road, Chatsworth, Georgia on January 9th at 1:00 PM.


Any questions should be directed to Mike Pritchett at 70-695-4531 Ext. 6504 or at


This add should run in the Chatsworth Times 12/18/19, 12/25/19, 1/01/20 and 1/08/20.