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Document Uploads

Folder Calendars (16 Files)
pdf file 2017_BOE_MEETING_&_WS_DATES_with_vision.pdf
pdf file 2017-2018_School_Calendar_GA_Milestones.pdf
pdf file 2018_EOC_Testing_Dates.pdf
pdf file 2018-2019mcsschoolcalendar_SPANISH.pdf
pdf file 2019-2020 approved calendar.pdf
pdf file 2019-2020 Parent Calendar Approved 2.11.19.pdf
doc file New one.doc
pdf file Parent Calendar with Report Card Dates Approved Spanish
pdf file 2018-2019 MC Schools Calendar
pdf file 2018-2019 Parent Calendar with Report Card Dates Approved
pdf file 210 Work Schedule 2017-2018
pdf file 230 Day Work Schedule 2017-2018
pdf file Instructional/School Calendar
pdf file Instructional/School calendar 2016-207
pdf file Local Assesments
pdf file Local Assessment
Folder Differentiation (0 Files)
Folder Enrollment Forms (0 Files)
Folder Events (1 Files)
pdf file BAM101_Bike_Rodeo_Flyer_Final_2017.pdf
Folder Exceptional Student Services Procedures Manual (1 Files)
pdf file Exceptional Student Services Procedure Manual final.pdf
Folder Health Documents (1 Files)
pdf file Immunization.pdf
Folder INVITATION TO BID (9 Files)
pdf file Region Disposables and Chemicals.pdf
pdf file Bids for VCT tile work.pdf
xls file IFB.xlsx
xls file #IFB 2019-100.xlsx
doc file GEC paper SY1920 terms and conditions.docx
xls file IFB 3 Excel.xlsx
doc file GEC paper 3 word.docx
doc file Questions submitted 5.docx
pdf file Invitation to Bid
Folder MCPS Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (1 Files)
pdf file MCPS Strategic Plan
Folder Parent Information (1 Files)
pdf file North.South Attendance Zones.pdf
Folder Reports & Publications (2 Files)
pdf file Final - Organizational Chart .pdf
pdf file Organizational Chart - Final.pdf
Folder Request for Proposals (1 Files)
pdf file Request for Proposals
Folder School Information (6 Files)
pdf file 2017-2018_Student_Handbook.pdf
pdf file 17-18_Spanish_Handbook_FOR_WEB.pdf
pdf file 2017-2018_Pleasant_Valley_Handbook_FOR_WEB.pdf
pdf file Murray_County_District_Road_List.pdf
pdf file MurrayCountyzone_map.pdf
pdf file SCHOOL_hours.pdf
Folder Students (3 Files)
pdf file 2018-2019 Student Handbook pdf.pdf
pdf file 18-19 Spanish Handbook revised (002).pdf
pdf file 2018-2019 Pleasant Valley Handbook.pdf
Folder Supply List (1 Files)
pdf file SCHOOL_List new.pdf
Folder SWSS/IE2 (5 Files)
pdf file EXHIBIT_A.pdf
Folder Transcript Request Forms (2 Files)
pdf file Transcript Request Form english
pdf file Transcript Request Form-Spanish
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