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VoIP Request for Proposal SpringPlace

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Request for Proposal
VoIP Phone System for Murray County Public School District (Spring Place Elementary)

Murray County Public Schools
PO Box 40
Chatsworth, GA 30705
(706) 695-4531
Bids Due:_____October 18,2017____2:00 PM


Murray County Public School System in Chatsworth, Georgia. This school district serves an estimated 7,800 students at 11 schools.

The Murray County School system is seeking a VOIP IP Phone system that also includes integrated overhead paging, and bell scheduling for the new construction of Spring Place Elementary School.
Murray County Schools prefers to have offers for both an on premises solution and a hosted VOIP solution, and is open to all proposals. Proposals should be for a turnkey solution. Vendors are encouraged
to meet with district through a site visit to better understand the needs of the district. The following instructions by Murray County Schools are intended to afford all Proposers an equal opportunity to
participate in the RFP. Any explanation desired by the Proposer regarding the meaning or interpretation of these instructions or any other RFP document must be requested in writing from the District.
A. Section Includes: A VOIP telecommunication system, integrated with an IP paging system,
consisting of but not limited to, the following components:
1. VOIP system, including all system controllers, handsets, accessories, licensing,
programming, configuration and integration with IP paging zone controllers.
2. Equipment configuration and programming.
B. Owner furnished Equipment: The following equipment will be furnished by the owner:
1. Network Switches
C. Bids for both hosted and on premises systems will be considered.
The District is inviting competitive Proposals for the selection of VOIP solutions as they are detailed in
the Phone System specifications in this Request for Proposal. Proposals will be received until
2:00 P.M. October 18th, 2017. Any proposal received after the time and date specified will not be
Submittal of Proposals
Proposals shall be delivered via email to or in person at
1004 Green Road Suite B Chatsworth, GA 30705
Proposals must be submitted in sufficient time to be received on or before
2:00 P.M. October 18th, 2017. Faxed proposals will not be accepted.

Form of Proposals
Proposers are welcome to attach additional material to fully detail the Proposal.
-Bidders will submit line/category labor pricing, clearly identifying which part(s) of the RFP for
which the bidder wishes to be considered.
-1, 3, and 5-Year lease to own term agreement to include all equipment, installation, training, and any
annual maintenance charges.
-Acceptance of proposals, execution of contracts and implementation of any or all the components
of this RFP is contingent upon funding by Murray County Schools.
-This Request for Proposal does not obligate Murray County School District to award a contract, to
pay for any costs incurred in the preparation for a proposal, or to procure or contract the services or
-Vendor will provide a point of contact (POC) whom will respond to questions following proposal
-Vendor will provide a minimum of three (3) projects of similar scope (or larger) that the Murray
County Schools can visit or contact to verify their ability to fulfill the requirements of this RFP.
-Vendor shall submit current certifications and qualifications demonstrating technical ability to install
and test their proposed systems and subsystems.
-Vendor will provide onsite people who are dependable, free of substance abuse, safety conscious,
technically qualified and able to work well with other on-site contractors as well as Murray
County School personnel.
-Vendor will ensure that no employee to be working at a school site is in violation of the State of
Georgia Sex Offender Law.
-All vendors must adhere to federal gift rules.
-Vendor will NOT use subcontractors unless approved by Murray County Schools.
-Vendor will provide a project time line which should be approved by Murray County Schools.
-Proposers are expected to examine the specifications, standard provisions, and all instructions.
-Failure to do so will be at the Proposer’s risk. The Proposers shall abide by and comply with the true
intent of the specifications and not take advantage of any unintentional error or omission.
-All equipment costs must be included and identified separately.
-The RFP must cover the entire cost of successfully installing all required items, licenses,
maintenance, and any other items or services.
-All existing telephone numbers must remain the same.
1.1 Quality Assurance
A. Installer Qualifications:
1. Manufacturer’s authorized representative who is trained and approved for installation of units
required for this project.
2. Installer shall have successfully completed not less than 3 projects of similar size and scope
within the past 5 years.
B. Electrical Components, devices and accessories: Listed and labeled as defined in NFPA 70, by a
qualified testing agency, and marked for intended location and application.
C. Comply with NFPA 70.
1.2 System Operation
A. The VOIP phone system shall provide all the following features (when applicable):
1. Centralized Management
a. Using one intuitive interface, the administrator can view all users on a single site or
across up to 32 locations.
b. System status allows the administrator to know of any potential issues that could affect
system performance, including over utilized trunk lines, voice ports, and bandwidth
c. Store and synchronize basic employee information with integration to industry standard
enterprise directories such as LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory
2. Centralized Licensing
a. Cost effectively purchase discounted license packs
b. Easily assign user solutions to employees anywhere within the network.
B. The paging system shall provide facilities for staff to make one-way audio pages to speakers and
horns throughout the facilities by dialing an extension or page group on the VOIP telephone
system handsets.
2.1 Installation
A. Coordinate complete system installation, and technology headend integration with district and
other technology trades.
B. Coordinate installation and interconnect with local and long-distance service provider (SP).
C. Contractor shall be responsible for all final cross connects and system database loading and
D. Match input and output impedances and signal levels at single interfaces. Provide matching
networks where required.
E. Identification of conductors and cables: Color-code conductors and apply wire and cable
marking tape to designate wires and cables so they identify media in coordination with system
wiring diagrams
F. Weatherproof equipment: For units that will be mounted outdoors, in damp locations, or where
exposed to weather, install single consistent with requirements of weatherproof rating.
2.2 Surge Protection
A. Provide surge protectors on all circuits entering or leaving a building. Surge protectors shall be
located as close to practicable to the point at which the circuits leave or enter the building.
B. The surge protector grounding conductor shall be a No. 12 AWG wire having a maximum length
of 28 feet to be run in as straight a line as practicable and connected to the building grounding
electrode system per the National Electrical Code.
2.3 Grounding
A. Ground cable shields and equipment to eliminate shock hazard and to minimize ground loops,
common-mode returns, noise pickup, crosstalk, and other impairments.
2.4 System Programming
A. Contractor shall connect to, and interface with the IP paging system and provide paging from any
telephone handset. The following paging groups shall be programmed by building or site-wide:
1. Upstairs
2. Downstairs
3. All Page
B. Connect system to IP data network programmed by owner with required VLANs, Firewall and
803.11e support.
C. Interconnect with existing systems via VoIP trunking, integrate system with owner’s numbering
D. Fully brief owner on available programming options. Contractor shall provide the owner with a
complete set of forms for the entire system and extension features. Final programming of the
system shall be co-developed between the owner and the contractor, and it must be approved by
the owner prior to being implemented for system start-up. Prepare a written record of decisions,
implementation methodology, and final results.
E. Contractor shall supply the “latest” software updates as part of the system configuration for town
(2) years after system acceptance.
2.5 Field Quality Control
A. Perform tests and inspections.
B. Tests and Inspections:
1. Schedule tests with at least seven days’ notice of test performance.
2. After installing VOIP phone system and integrated paging system and electrical circuitry has
been energized, test for compliance with requirements.
3. Operational test: VOIP telephone system and paging: Test calling and operational features of
the VOIP phone system. Test all-call and page messages to each zone. Verify proper routing
and volume levels and that the system is free of noise and distortion. Test each available
message path on the system.
4. Inspection: Verify that units and controls are properly labeled and interconnecting wires and
terminals are identified.
C. Prepare test and inspection reports.
2.6 Demonstration and Training
A. Contractor shall provide a minimum of (4) 1 Hour end user training classes, (6) hours of attendant
console training and 8 hours of additional system programming and administration training to the
owner. Training shall be provided to all staff and shall be scheduled in advance.
Provide line item pricing to be valid for period of 6 months from the due date of the proposal. Include
5-year term with all charges for hardware, installation, existing system migration, training, annual
maintenance and shipping.
This proposal is based on available funding; therefore, work cannot begin until Murray County Schools
has issued a Purchase Order.
Proposal Longevity
No Proposer may withdraw or cancel a Proposal for a period of sixty (60) days following the closing
time for acceptance, nor shall the successful Proposer withdraw, cancel or modify the proposal after
having been notified that the Proposal has been accepted by the District, except at the request of the
District or with the District’s consent.
Evaluation of Proposals
Proposals will be judged upon the Proposer’s ability to provide services, which meet the requirements,
set forth as the standard procedures for MCPS in determining the choice in vendors. The District reserves
the right to make such investigations as it deems necessary to determine the ability of the Proposer to
provide services meeting a satisfactory level of performance in accordance with the District’s
requirements. Proposers shall furnish such information and data for this purpose as the District may
request. Interviews and presentations by one, several, or all the Proposers may be requested by evaluators
if deemed necessary to fully understand and compare the Proposer’s capabilities and qualifications.
District Prerogatives
The District reserves the right to award to the responsible Proposer whose proposal is judged to offer the
most advantages to the District, with the District being the sole judge thereof; to negotiate with any or
all Proposers, in whole or in any part thereof, and to re-solicit for proposals in such an event; and to
waive any minor technicalities or informalities in accordance with the District’s determination of its own
best interests.
Proposer’s Conditions
Any conditions or exceptions on the part of the Proposer for performance by the District must be set
forth in the Proposal. The District is not obligated to consider the Proposer’s post-submittal terms and
Proposer’s Preparation Costs
It shall be clearly understood that any costs incurred by the Proposer in responding to the Request
for Proposal is at the Proposer’s own risk and expense as a cost of doing business, and the District is
not liable for reimbursement to the Proposer for any expense so incurred, regardless of whether the
Proposal is accepted.
Any inquires or requests for explanation regarding the District’s requirements should be made promptly.
Prospective proposers desiring further information or interpretations must make requests prior to the
Proposal Due Date and Time for a response to be issued to all prospective Proposers well in advance of
the date for the submittal of proposals. Answers to all inquiries or requests involving substantive
matters will be given to all Proposers of record and such information will be considered in the
preparation of proposals.
Please email all questions to:
Israel House– Technology Director
Murray County Public Schools
Reservation of Rights:
The District expressly reserves the right to:
1. Waive any defect, irregularity or informality in any Proposal or Proposal procedure;
2. Waive as an informality, minor deviation from specifications as identified in the REQUEST
FOR PROPOSAL if it is determined that the District’s Project(s) is (are) improved or not
3. Extend the Proposal opening time and date;
4. Reissue a Proposal invitation;
5. All bids received before October 18th, 2017at 2:00 PM will be evaluated.
The District shall have the right to terminate for default all or part of its RFP if Proposer breaches any of
the terms hereof or if Proposer becomes insolvent or files any petition in bankruptcy. Such right of
termination is in addition to and not in lieu of any remedies the District may have in law or equity,
specifically including but not limited to the right to sue for damages or demand specific performance.
The District additionally has the right to terminate this RFP without cause by delivery to the Proposer of
a “Notice of Termination” specifying the extent to which performance hereunder is terminated and the
date upon which such termination becomes effective.

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P. O. Box 40 | 1006 Green Road | Chatsworth, GA 30705 | Phone: 706-695-4531 | Fax: 706-695-8425