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Addendum VoIP Request for Proposal District

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ADDENDUM: Request for Proposal

VoIP Phone System for Murray County Public School District

Murray County Public Schools
PO Box 40
Chatsworth, GA 30705
(706) 695-4531

Bids Due:
October 18,2017
2:00 PM

The Murray County School system is seeking a VOIP IP Phone system in addition to the system for Spring Place Elementary to be upgraded into all 11 schools and administrative buildings. The VOIP IP phone system is to follow the same guidelines as outlined in the RFP for Spring Place Elementary.
Murray County Schools prefers to have offers for both an on premises solution and a hosted VOIP solution, and is open to all proposals. Proposals should be for a turnkey solution. Vendors are encouraged to meet with district through a site visit to better understand the needs of the district. The following instructions by Murray County Schools are intended to afford all Proposers an equal opportunity to participate in the RFP. Any explanation desired by the Proposer regarding the meaning or interpretation of these instructions or any other RFP document must be requested in writing from the District.

A. Section Includes: A VoIP telecommunication system, consisting of but not limited to, the
following components:
1. VoIP system, including all system controllers, handsets, accessories, licensing, programming,
configuration, and maintenance.
2. Equipment configuration and programming.
B. Owner furnished Equipment: The following equipment will be furnished by the owner:
1. Network Switches

The District is inviting competitive Proposals for a system wide VoIP solution as they are detailed in the Phone System specifications in the Spring Place Request for Proposal. Proposals will be received until 2:00 P.M. October 18th, 2017. Any proposal received after the time and date specified will not be considered.

Submittal of Proposals:
Proposals shall be delivered via email to: or in person to
1004 Green Road Suite B Chatsworth, GA 30705

Proposals must be submitted in sufficient time to be received on or before 2:00 P.M. October 18th, 2017.
Faxed proposals will not be accepted.

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P. O. Box 40 | 1006 Green Road | Chatsworth, GA 30705 | Phone: 706-695-4531 | Fax: 706-695-8425