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Eligibility Criteria
Referral/Evaluation Process
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Murray County Schools Program for Gifted Students




1. FAQ Do all schools in the Murray County School System provide gifted services? 

RESPONSE Yes, Murray County Schools provide gifted services for students in grades K-12. 

2. FAQ . How do I refer a child for gifted services?

RESPONSE Nominations are often made by classroom teachers; however, any responsible person who has knowledge

of a student's intellectual functioning may nominate that student for further consideration.

Referrals can be made at any time during the school year.  

3. FAQ What services are offered in grades K-8?

RESPONSE > K-6: Gifted services are provided through one or more of the following approved service models: Resource,

Cluster Grouping, Collaborative, and Advanced Content.

                    7-12:  Gifted services are provided through the Advanced Content Model.

4. FAQ How do children qualify for the gifted program?

RESPONSE Students are referred to the Gifted Eligibility Team for gifted screening.

For more information about the referral process and gifted testing, .

5. FAQ When does formal testing take place?

RESPONSE There are two testing blocks during the school year.

Testing Block #1: SEPTEMBER

Testing Block #2: JANUARY-FEBRUARY


6. FAQ What are the procedures of the formal testing process?

RESPONSE Students are tested in quiet one-on-one or in a small group environment


·        On average, a student may be given 2-5 different types of assessments. Some tests have more than one section;

therefore; the testing process could take up to two weeks to complete.


·        Tests are administered in minimal (30-45 minute) segments.

7. FAQ What are the goals of the Gifted Program?

RESPONSE The goals of the Gifted Program are congruent with the guidelines set forth by the Georgia State

Department of Education:


·        To identify at every level in every school those children who are gifted.


·        To provide an educational program that will enable gifted students to capitalize on their unique abilities,

talents, interests, and needs.


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